Well, optimism has always been one of my defining features, so here we go again. Despite dark murmurs in the upper echelons about a return to hard lockdown, things have been humming along beautifully in our happy little corner of the back-of-beyond, so we (31 diverse artists) are really looking forward to welcoming art lovers to the next real mask-to-mask edition of PAOS. (All sanitizing protocol observed, naturally) It’s just not the same online, and it is so great hosting people who share one’s arty passion in the place it all happens.

My studio has undergone a radical makeover, there is actually light in there now, thanks to a sort-of Heath Robinson skylight arrangement we did after removing the monster extractor hood from the previously dark hole of a workspace! And I’ve switched back to photography over the last few months, so there is plenty of new Karoo-mood inspired stuff to see.

Last weekend, I hosted the long-postponed workshop that was to have been in June, and it was as inspiring for me as it was for the participant… I have ordered a bunch of new encaustic materials and my mind is seething with new ideas for switching it up a bit… so I’m sure. by January, there will be loads to see.