Recent Work

In recent years, I’ve worked more and more with mixed media and hot encaustic wax, to incorporate my photography into my paintings. It has lent itself remarkably well to my current themes and methods, including a range of works on a very different format, with tall and thin boards, deep edges and wrap-around images, giving them a 3D sculptural quality.

It is no surprise that, with our recent move to Prince Albert, the joy of living in these wonderful Karoo surroundings is coming through in my newest work, whether encaustic, oil painting, ink/bleach painting or, most recently, cyanotype printing, which imparts a great sense of the nostalgia evoked by living in a town/area where one feels as if one has stepped back in time.

Recent themes are ‘Don’t Fence Me In’, which began with my angst while living in a crime riddled town, and then became a celebration of freedom as we moved to the Karoo, and ‘Celebrating Karooness”, which speaks for itself!

painting Karoo landscape with mountains

250x250mm cyanotype/encaustic on bpard



Mixed Media | PHOTO-Encaustic


Painting | Drawing


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