Recent Work

In recent years, I’ve worked more and more with mixed media, to incorporate my photography into my paintings. Originally, I just used wax as a way of integrating surfaces, but recently have I begun making encaustic (hot wax) my primary medium. It has lent itself remarkably well to my current themes and methods, including the “land issue” in South Africa, which is at the core of the ongoing Dispossession Games Series.

I have also moved into a range of works on a very different format, with tall and thin boards with deep edges and wrap-around images, often made in sets. I am also going back to drawing/painting, but this time with soluble ink. Old concerns and visual language still recur, but, as usual, some works are just for the pure joy of celebrating life!

Looking Up

250 x 250mm encaustic


(in painting and ceramics) decorated by burning in colours as an inlay, especially using coloured clays or pigments mixed with hot wax.

the art or process of encaustic painting.

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