Horns & Thorns

A series which began with the idea of combining horns and thorns, i.e. cattle with large horns and the large paired thorns found on Acacia Karoo trees, which bear a striking resemblance to each other. With the obvious symbolism of cattle being protected in thorn kraals, it encompassed thoughts of protecting what one holds valuable, which is relative, depending on who you are.

If you’re a Dinka Tribesman, your cattle are literally your life, of the greatest possible value. Due to cattle-feuds and raids, it is no longer enough to protect them in kraals of thorns. In Southern Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, cattle wars have led to the death of literally thousands, and herdsmen protect their cattle with AK 47s.

By contrast, in 1st world countries, cattle are just another commodity, and can be depicted more flippantly. Valued possessions often revolve around fixed property, which is protected with razor-wire and alarm systems. There is also a need to protect ourselves. So the range of images in this series is quite wide, and combines painting, drawing, photography, and ceramics.

Bull With Thorns

Ceramic Sculpture with thorns

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