Dispossession Games

Chess and Monopoly are games, but reflect a much bigger picture. On many levels, from whole nations, down to individuals, we are in a struggle to hold onto what we hold dear, while simultaneously dispossessing others (whether consciously or by default.)

This chessboard installation is made up of individual pieces, each telling a story … maybe someone’s home, land, wealth, poverty. Perhaps an oppressive leader, a homeless bushman, someone whose shack is their castle, or whose castle is their prison. The works form a big picture, ‘a cacophony of voices trying to be heard’. But, as with each of us, they also have their own unique story to tell. So each is for sale individually. They have been made using many different media and techniques, yet what unites them is the encaustic… hot wax melted into them.

Original painting which inspired the Dispossession Games series, NFS


Another painting which inspired the installation. SOLD


Installation at the National Arts Festival 2017


Dispossession Games Gallery

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