For many years, my husband Max and I have enjoyed travelling the backroads of Southern Africa at every opportunity. Almost invariably, we would find ourselves drawn in the direction of the Karoo, dreaming of retiring there one day. It etched itself deep into our souls. And then, last year, the dream became a reality.

Now that I am surrounded daily by this awesomeness, It is inevitable that I will try to express its impact on me in my work. I love that it is so intangible, so contradictory…. harsh yet incredibly welcoming, soft juicy succulents meet spindly dry bushes and thorn trees, baking heat replaces icy cold, miles of open plains and dead straight roads suddenly become jawdropping mountains and winding tracks. It is as indefineable as its boundaries on a map. Depicting all this “Karooness” is such a joy!


400x400mm limited edition photograph, archivally printed on enhanced matte artists paper, signed and numbered.

Paintings | Drawings

Mixed Media | Encaustic

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