Making the best of unexpected situations is something artists are good at… lateral thinking comes with the territory! So when draconian Covid-19 lockdown regulations made travel impossible, the artists who make up the popular twice-yearly Prince Albert Art route event, Open Sudios which was scheduled for 18-21 June, decided to share our new work online instead. We have have made photos and videos showing our process, studios and new work, and these will be shared via the Prince Albert Open Studios social media sites on Facebook and Instagram. You can visit the Open Studios website to get contact details of any artists you would like to engage with personally, and find links to our personal websites, for more info.

I’ll be sharing a couple of videos describing my painting processes for oils and the mixed media works, so watch this space!

The header photo is the newest in my “Don’t Fence Me In” series. It can be archivally printed on canvas or enhanced matte art paper. If you are interested, inquire about available sizes and prices.

It was taken when we headed over the Swarberg Pass again last week, during a cold front, and although there was disappointingly little snow, the clouds and mist were wonderfully atmospheric. On our way home, it did begin snowing, and I ran around in my first actual falling snow (after 6 decades of wishing for this experience) like a demented 5 year old!