In recent years, I’ve worked more and more with mixed media, to incorporate my photography into my paintings. Originally, I just used wax as a way of integrating surfaces, but now encaustic (hot wax) has become my primary medium. It has lent itself remarkably well to my current themes and methods.

It began with the series called Dispossession Games, about the land issue in South Africa, and soon extended to cover other topics. The small blocks lend themselves to hanging in groups, so I usually do a whole series of works on each theme, whether it is social issues, portraits, the monochrome Streetwise and Shedding light series, or my new obsession with capturing the magic of the Karoo.

This medium has also worked well for a range of works on a very different format, with tall and thin boards, deep edges and wrap-around images, giving them a 3D sculptural quality.



What About My Rights?

250x250mm- mixed media/encaustic on board

encaustic ɛnˈkɔːstɪk/

adjective (in painting and ceramics) decorated by burning in colours as an inlay, especially using coloured clays or pigments mixed with hot wax. noun the art or process of encaustic painting.

Colour Blocks 

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